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All tickets for October 25 @ Alamo Drafthouse Mason Park for the show 'A Curry on an American Plate' must be purchased online.
No tickets will be sold at gates.
You will receive a pass upon purchase of ticket to show at the gate for entry.

Thurs, Oct 26 @ 7 - 10 pm shows are at Match Midtown theatre. You can purchase tickets online or at the theatre box office.
If purchasing online, please bring your pass to the show for admission.

Friday, Oct 26 and Saturday, Oct 27 shows at Next Actor Studio are free admissions for Next Actor Students.

Saturday, Oct 26 @ 8 pm : Awards Night Event at the Studio.

All Access Pass for Press, Filmmakers of Selected films and Ongoing Next Actor Stanislavski Students available at
Individual Ticket : $12 per show ($10 for Next Actor Alum). Please mention the title of the film.
Day Pass : $20 (Next Actor Alum $15). Mention the Day you wish to attend
Awards Night 10/28 @ 8p : $100 ($50 for Next Actor Members)

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